New Ways to Get Your 10000 Steps In



I recently spoke about the Dangers of Sitting and What it can Be doing to Your Body.

Most of us understand this,

but maybe we’re not sure how to move more and perhaps, we need some accountability to the goal of moving more….


Enter New Awesome Wearable Technology that holds us accountable…

Fitbit, Apple Watch, etc

However, with a modern digital life….it can be extremely hard to practically get 10000 steps in every day.  

Here are 12 New Ways to do it:




1. Take the stairs.

At work, at the mall, at the train station, anywhere. If you wear a fitness tracker, you’ll score both steps and flights.


2. Take a moving break.

During your lunch break, go on a 15-minute walk around the block. Not only will you get your steps in, but you may feel more focused at work. And remember to get up frequently during the day, not just at lunch.


3. Get a treadmill desk. 

Yes, it’s a real thing.  Consider investing in a treadmill desk.  Walking while you’re typing takes some getting used to, but it’s worth it.


4. Park far away.

Every couple of hundred steps walking to or from your car adds up quickly. Plus, if you park at the back of the parking lot, you’ll help save your car from dings and dents and save the 


5. Take the long way.

When you’re at work and need to go to the restroom, skip the closest one and take a detour. Hit the stairs and use one on a different floor, or just take the longest route there. The same goes for doing errands (on foot) or strolling to a friend’s house.


6. Take a post-meal walk.

Put your walking shoes on after you eat. Taking a 15-minute walk after dinner can help you digest your meal faster, too.


7. Get off the bus or train one (or two) stops early.

You’ll feel better about getting to work and get your steps in-  win-win!


8. Play with your kids.

Getting outside and playing with your kids will make their day and get some great steps in!


9. Walk and talk.

Take your phone calls on the go, or skip the conference room and have walking meetings with your colleagues.


10. Don’t fast forward your DVR.

The next time you watch your favorite recorded TV Show- don’t fast forward through the commercials. Stand up and march in place or pick stuff up around the house.


11. Drink up.

All of those trips to the water cooler at work—and the restroom—will certainly keep you healthier and add those steps in


12. Go on a walking date.

There’s something special about taking a stroll, especially a sunset one, with the one you love or at least, want to get to know.


With all the technology and machinery available to move us around with the least amount of effort, it’s easy to forget to move and walk.  That’s why this new technology also exists- to give you a goal- something to work to so that the real goal is met:  To Stay Active and Moving all day!

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