Planet Fitness – A Low-Cost Entry to Fitness, or¬†a¬†Sham Gym that Doesn’t Want You to Actually Get Fit?


Recognize that this is my personal opinion,  so if you use Planet Fitness and it Works for you, More Power To You.  

I’m not belittling anyone that actually uses this gym to work on their fitness,

but maybe some of their practices….

planet fitness tootsie rolls


However, the Real Purpose in me Writing This is Two-Fold:


1- I don’t believe that they actually want to help you get fit¬†

2- I most definitely am presenting what I 100% believe is a much better option



It is of my opinion that Planet Fitness doesn’t really want you to get fit. ¬†

It’s not just the free Pizza and Bagels they offer-

– which is really weird to me coming from a health club,

I mean, who in the world thinks to offer those items in a place that’s supposed to support your health … ¬†



It’s not just the crazy rules they have against people that actually want to workout hard-

I’m referring to the so called lunk alarm, which is a real thing at Planet Fitness, if someone shows up to their gym and lifts hard enough to cause a grunt….

Then they are warned and possibly asked to leave the gym.  

The reason is that grunting or lifting heavy is supposedly intimidating.




No, it’s really not all that stuff- even though that’s enough to make me laugh when their name includes the word “Fitness”.

Truly, they have clever marketing, but not because they want to help you…

No, I’m pretty sure they have no investment in who you are and it’s just a numbers game to their company.


They know their full membership won’t come even once a month. ¬†They know that their periodic sales rushes results in a couple busy weeks and then a membership that might come 5 times total. ¬† ¬†

If every member showed up, they’d have to block the door because they would violate fire code. ¬†Their first priority is selling membership.

And I promise,

They’re not going to call you to check in and see how you’re doing and if you’re going to show back up.


Listen I love you – don’t forget, it’s me – your friend.

Maybe you do Planet Fitness because the price is right.

$10.00 a month not bad, right?  Go anytime right?    

I have no problem with that if you’re using it to your advantage or it’s a supplement to your overall fitness and nutrition plans.


Here’s the thing,

[box] If I showed you a way that you could stream World-Class Fitness programs from any Internet Connected Device, Combined with Proven Nutrition Plans, and With full support from ME as your fitness coach-

–all for an annual price that works out better than Planet Fitness’ monthly fees….

Would you be interested in something like that?

Workout at any time day, night, whenever, wherever?    

Your Gym Travels with You![/box]


There are cardio, yoga, flexibility, strength based, extreme, fast, slow, even gentle Tai Chi based workouts to choose from….

Combine that with our World-Class Superfoods Nutrition Shake and with My Support- You will have Guaranteed Success!!!!


If that’s not enough-


What if I said I’ll go ahead and give you 1 month free to try it out- no commitment if you want to cancel.

What you also get (stuff you won’t find at any commercial facility like PF):

1. A coach who is available for free to answer questions and help you

2. A private group of people just like you who deal with the same issues and are willing to support you in any way you can

3. Daily motivational messages

4. Nutrition guides that will set you on the path on the most important part of your journey- the food! ( and it won’t be tempting you with pizza)

5. Last but not least- I will personally guarantee your first Month investment (that’s after your 30 day free trial) with a full refund from me with only 1 stipulation- you share your nutrition and workouts with the group every day during that time period.

I can’t offer more of myself than that.

If you’re not getting results- this can change your life.

But you have to be serious!




Send me your Questions in a Message Here or-

-If you want to be incognito and just Sign up for the Free 30 Day Trial… You Can do that too!


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Yours In Faith and Fitness

-Coach Jamie


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  1. Gary BLEDSOE - April 11, 2017 Reply

    I agree with you. I NEVER understood why in the H*** Planet Fitness offers pizza, bagels, & tootsie rolls. This totally bugs me out, just plaid crazy. But, speaking about the “lunk alarm” I actually saw someone get asked to leave the gym because of this. I am glad you had the courage to share this.

    • Coach Jamie - April 18, 2017 Reply

      It is weird stuff, LOL. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Dr. Lisa Thompson - April 12, 2017 Reply


    Never knew that about Planet Fitness – and it baffles me why they would have pizza and bagels…

    They need to rethink their marketing strategy

    Dr. Lisa

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