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    Elite Level Insanity Max30 P90X3 Hybrid

    Insanity Max30 P90X3 Hybrid 90 Days of Power and Strength Training and Total Body Conditioning This 90 day Insanity Max30 P90X3 Hybrid plan is designed to take an already intermediate level conditioned athlete to the next level. Insanity Max:30 already provides an elite level cardio and endurance conditioning plan that will push you to your… [read more]

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    Focus T25 Gamma and P90X3 Hybrid

    By / May 5, 2014 / Focus T25, P90X3

    Focus T25 Gamma and P90X3 Hybrid     Here it is.   It’s about Strength. And Because I want to do both programs at the same time…. I’ve decided to incorporate both P90X3 and Focus T25 Gamma into one awesome hybrid for Strength Training Purposes. Now the focus I’ve put into this design is to create… [read more]

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    Tony Horton On Self-Myofascial Release!

    By / April 23, 2014 / Fit Tips, P90X3, Tony Horton

    Tony Horton On Self-Myofascial Release! Today I’m walking you through some of my favorite SELF-MYOFASCIAL RELEASE TECHNIQUES to help you recover from your workouts and keep you in the game!   Both the FOAM ROLLER and RUMBLE ROLLER are designed for self-myofascial release; in other words, to help smooth out any adhesion in your muscle… [read more]

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    21 Facts about P90X3

    By / April 7, 2014 / P90X3

    21 Facts about P90X3 1. All workouts are 30 minutes long 2. The warm-up is 2 minutes and then constant work for the remaining 28 minutes 3. There is a separate warm-up disk called Cold Start if you need a longer warm-up due to environment, time of day, etc 4. P90X3 is a separate program from P90X and P90X2,… [read more]

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    All good things come in threes, but be warned: P90X3 is far from a trilogy. No, P90X3 is NOT the kid sister workout. It’s the workout that took notes from it’s siblings, then condensed, and accelerated to become the most dynamic and fastest workout yet. The ultimate excuse buster Time is the biggest excuse. P90X3… [read more]

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