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I love being a Team Beachbody Coach.

I get to work with the most amazing people, who are all focused on:


 Fitness / Lifestyle / Health Goals


As a coach–

I get to suggest at home fitness and nutritional programs.

And I’ll place you in our challenge and support groups to help you succeed.


Team Beachbody is the direct sales arm of Beachbody…


Meaning instead of just selling products in a retail chain, Beachbody uses individual independent sales folks (coaches), people like you and I,  to market their products and provide the support and  accountability coaching necessary to succeed.


It’s the same concept you find in all types of person-to-person products sold directly:

Think –   Real Estate, Securities, Insurance, and non-retail consumer goods ….


I’m a fitness-broker of sorts in that I don’t really sell fitness programs of my own, but I help create the connection for you with the company that sells the programs and then I will help you stay committed to success.


Once we find a program that works for you,  A coach will get a 25% commission on the purchase of the program.  This is Beachbody’s generous way to reward their partners for the referral.


And the Beauty of it is- you can pay it forward by becoming a coach yourself.


Anyone can be a team Beachbody coach.

You don’t have to be a personal trainer, instructor or fitness professional, and you don’t need a special license or degree.


Some people become a coach just to buy Beachbody products for a discount.


Others want to earn money by recommending the programs to anyone that is looking for a fitness program that works.


Any way you go- there’s something bigger going on here.


By joining me in this adventure- we are helping to literally change the shape and lifestyle of our neighbors, friends, and the world.


It’s a very positive thing.


If that sounds like something you want to be a part of- you just need to let me know.


Maybe you want to join me for the awesome training experience.


Or perhaps you want to join our team as a Beachbody Customer and Make me your Accountability Coach.


Perhaps you want to impact the world and become a Team Beachbody Coach Yourself.


The choice is yours, but there’s no doubt left now that you’ve read this…


It’s my job and now yours to be a leader.

If you’re here- You’re now part of this “Fit Crusade.”


There are endless possibilities by being on this team.

No limits.     Here’s To Your Success!


I’m here to Help.  Just let me know what your next step is.


Contact Me for more info or   Become a Coach Today– 


Want Proof that this stuff Works?

Watch my own weight loss and fitness journey-before becoming a coach, I was a customer— click here


And stay tuned in to your email, over the next 5 days we’ll let you peak in on what being a Team Beachbody Coach is all about!


Bring it!

-Coach Jamie



About the author: Coach Jamie

Fitness & OCR Coach Helps You GO ALL IN → For Fitness, Nutrition, & Life.

The Things I Value Most: Faith ♦ Family ♦ Fitness ♦ Freedom ♦ Fun
It is part of my purpose to lead and follow these values and to help you discover your own purpose and passion by overcoming obstacles and transforming your body, mind, spirit and working life…

One of the ways I’m helping team members do that, is through a ALL IN Approach to OCR, Fitness, and Lifestyle….


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