The New Fitness, Health, and Life Code!


I pronounce today that we live with the following Fitness, Health and Lifestyle ideals:


That we are happy within our own skins



That the standard of beauty shall be defined by character rather than the shape of our bodies



 That strength for life is the goal



  That being healthy for life is the goal



That being happy with continual improvement through-out life is the goal



 That we derive our inspiration not from some ideal image, but from the ideal of being the best person we can be



 That the ad agencies, fitness mags, and Facebook DO NOT get to tell us what we should look like, how we should eat, or what should be important in our life



 That we stop honoring movie stars, drama queens, and television cast members, and start paying homage to real heros- the warriors that protect our families, the responders who take our emergencies, the family at home, the children who need us



 That we eat healthy foods that we enjoy, not the latest diet plan that makes us hate eating healthy



 That we workout, exercise, practice, and play because we love our bodies, not because we hate them



 That we set our own potential and our own goals based on personal desires, not what someone else wants



That we look to the Creator for the answers, not to those He Created



Let’s start today,   A life well lived.



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Make ‘Fit” Happen,

-Coach Jamie


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I hope you enjoyed this has motivated you to embrace a new life code of fitness and health!


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