Today I will show you the path to No More Excuses Fitness Results!



First, you need to know if this really works… Well here’s my story:

In December 2011-

-I began a journey that saw me lose 85lbs in 2012 and get in the best shape of my life and become healthy beyond measure.

Now- over 5 years later,  

I’m still healthy, still fit, and still at that same weight.



Because I have a real- tried and true – health ticket – that works forever.

I call it the ‘Next Level Lifestyle’ because I’m always challenged to take things to the next level in my health and fitness!


I’ve seen every gimmick and diet program come and go –

– I’ve seen some great weight loss transformations too – but they didn’t last.

You know why?

They don’t have what I have!

They are not part of this team, this inner circle!

As for me & my friends- we’re winning this-  And those of us that committed,

We have lasting transformation.


In 2017 and beyond – You can be one of the few that TRULY makes this change too.

I am here to help!

There will be no cheap shakes, pills, or wraps on this plan.

There is a high quality health product, a solid and well balanced nutrition control plan and system, and the best fitness training in the world that will fire up that metabolism.


And you will get to partner-up with me, to help you each step of the way.

This is only for people who don’t complain and want to finally make a change.  

This photo was caught from the window of a 747, on it’s way to touchdown in New York….


Do you see what I see?

homes become fitness centersWhen I fly over these neighborhoods I don’t see houses, I see health centers.

Every one of them with all-access to over $7000 worth of fitness, nutrition, and healthy cooking programs for the year and a full month of their daily dose of Superfoods….


Each one of them not letting “health care” mean insurance, but each home being the center of taking care of its own health.




→ No driving to the gym needed.

→ No negotiation about what’s “the right” portions

→  No compromise on whether to take better care of themselves.

→ A community all joined in a commitment to be part of a revolution in health and fitness

→ Because a group of people went door-to-door to make a difference and show just how affordable a healthy lifestyle can be.  

→ It’s the Solution to No More Excuses Fitness Results

That’s what I see for each of these households….


mailboxesYou See- Every mailbox represents a family that can turn their home into the very center of their health and wellness.

Thanks to new technology, fitness is no longer “over there at the gym.”



A world class gym can be right in every living room.


A nutritionist’s office doesn’t have to be the place to get guidelines on how to eat proper portions and to learn how to prepare healthy food.


Nutrition doesn’t have to be “every once in a while” at the health food store.

A daily dose of dense nutrition that will feed the body what it is starving for can be right in every pantry.

And we no longer need to sit in a roomful of folding chairs once a week to get support and motivation if you struggle with weight loss or weight maintenance.



All of it is now available with the click of a button by working with my team to turn your home into the center of your health.

It’s happening. “Health care” is no longer just health insurance, but it’s about taking care of your health. And it has NEVER been more affordable than this month.

This is serious.

This should be a nonnegotiable no brainer for every family.

This is exciting!



It’s time to make the difference in your life starting today.  

Remember, in an emergency, you have to put your oxygen mask on first, before helping others…

So it is with this…  

No More Excuses Fitness Results!

First for You. Then Your Family.   Then the Rest of the World!



Discover the Path Right Here in My VIP Fitness Program.


I’ve got your back and your plan!


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Yours In Faith and Fitness

-Coach Jamie


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About the author: Coach Jamie

Fitness & OCR Coach Helps You GO ALL IN → For Fitness, Nutrition, & Life.

The Things I Value Most: Faith ♦ Family ♦ Fitness ♦ Freedom ♦ Fun
It is part of my purpose to lead and follow these values and to help you discover your own purpose and passion by overcoming obstacles and transforming your body, mind, spirit and working life…

One of the ways I’m helping team members do that, is through a ALL IN Approach to OCR, Fitness, and Lifestyle….


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  1. Ron Deering - April 3, 2017 Reply

    Great post Jamie this is one i will have to re-read again…thanks for sharing this

  2. Gary Bledsoe - April 3, 2017 Reply

    LOVE It!! You are so right health care is NOT about health insurance. If most people had this realization, they would begin to take better care of themselves.

    • Coach Jamie - April 4, 2017 Reply

      Yes, Gary! Thanks for stopping by and leaving your thoughts!

  3. Lynette Bledsoe - April 4, 2017 Reply

    No excuses when getting healthy at all. Not health insurance in the world could get your body right. Great share Jamie

  4. Dr. Lisa Thompson - April 4, 2017 Reply

    Congrats on the 85 pound weight loss and keeping it off. That’s an accomplishment!

    Thank you for being an example to others!

    Dr. Lisa

    • Coach Jamie - April 4, 2017 Reply

      Thanks so much, Dr. Lisa. Appreciate the comments!
      – CJ

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